What Can You Do With A Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management Degree?

health administration degree
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Healthcare administration encompasses everything from leadership and management to administering services in the healthcare system. Individuals with degrees in health administration often find jobs in which they are coordinating medical services and overseeing that the services provided are carried out professionally and in a timely fashion. It is true that they do not often work with patients, but they are involved in the overall health care that patients receive.

Healthcare vs. Health Care

Contrary to popular belief, these two terms are not interchangeable. If you plan to study this particular field, it is imperative that you know the difference between healthcare and health care.

Health care – term used to refer to the wide range of services with which a patient may be provided; services provided to improve patient mental and physical health

Healthcare – term used to describe the system or systems in which medical professionals perform health care

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is mainly a responsibility in the field of healthcare administration; therefore, it would be a wise decision to major in healthcare administration so that you are able to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to gain high authority in and run healthcare facilities. If you follow the path to earn a degree in healthcare management you will learn many of the same topics that health administration covers, like how healthcare facilities are run. Once you reach the job market, however, you will find yourself restricted and answering to health administration offices.

How to Get Your Degree in Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management

There are numerous medical schools across the globe that you can attend to explore the field of healthcare if you want to become a healthcare professional. Many liberal arts schools offer bachelor degrees in different areas of health care to prepare you for your adventures to graduate school where you will earn your masters and/or doctoral degree in healthcare administration or management. After you complete your degree at a liberal arts college or university, it is time to explore your options for graduate school.

Seton Hall University is a private school located in South Orange, NJ, that offers its students the opportunity to earn a masters degree in healthcare administration. The masters program focuses on improving students in areas such as strategic leadership, analysis, and managing change all while helping them gain a better understanding of healthcare systems in the here and now. Professors are dedicated to preparing their students for the ever-changing world of healthcare.

Villanova University’s College of Nursing offers a masters program that covers healthcare administration. The school provides students with the opportunity to earn their Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) that includes courses that prepare them to deal with collaboratively solving problems, clinical leadership, the ability to implement and manage change within the healthcare systems, and more. Villanova also has a post-masters certificate program that further prepares students in the leadership, economic, and financial fields of healthcare and provides them with the opportunity for field experience by apprenticeship.

The University of Southern California is another school with an excellent masters degree opportunity for health administration. Their health administration program focuses largely on health policy analysis as well as management and leader operations. It also delves into health finance and the importance of quality in health care services. The school also offers plenty of chances to seize employment opportunities in specific fields of study.

Careers in Healthcare Administration and Healthcare Management

Whether you have a degree in healthcare administration or a degree in healthcare management, jobs will always be available in your field.

Entry Level Health Administration and Management Careers

Below are a few career paths for individuals who have achieved a bachelors degree in health administration or management.

Medical Staff Coordinator

healthcare administration
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Medical staff coordinators are responsible for updating and maintaining credentials and current education levels of medical staff members in order to make sure the staff is up-to-date on new medical findings that may greatly impact the health care of patients. They are also expected to prepare budgets and objectives for the medical staff department as a whole, so it is crucial that coordinators have excellent organizational skills as well as computer database experience and good mathematical skills.

Medical staff coordinators can make around $39,000 or more depending on the company size and location and amount of experience and knowledge you possess in that field.

Director of Inpatient Services

This is a leadership position that requires at least a bachelors degree in health administration, healthcare management, or similar. Directors of inpatient services at healthcare facilities across the globe have excellent communication skills, as they are often required to delegate responsibilities to staff members clearly and effectively. They also report updates to healthcare administrators. They supervise, coordinate, and manage staff activities with patients within healthcare facilities, as well.

Directors of inpatient services can make over $60,000 a year.

Advanced Careers in Healthcare Administration and Management

To a masters degree and beyond! These career paths will certainly help you earn your return on investment you put into receiving such a high-esteemed education. Of course, experience helps as well.

Health Services Manager

Health services managers require at least a bachelors degree in health management, but a higher degree such as a masters is preferred. They often work for physicians groups and pharmaceutical companies. Responsibilities include but are not limited to overseeing the billing department and managing staff. They also serve as middlemen between the health administration and medical staff departments in order to help run the companies smoothly and keep patients satisfied.

Health service managers can make around $90,000 with enough education and experience.

Healthcare Administrator

Becoming a healthcare administrator is one of the highest positions available in the world of healthcare systems. Healthcare administrators are responsible for successfully running a health clinic or an entire hospital, so it is crucial that he/she possesses the knowledge of proper business administration as well as the ever-changing rules and regulations on health care procedures in order to keep their employees certified to hold their specific positions. They are skilled in the land of finance, as well, knowing the ins and outs of managing healthcare finance. Healthcare administrators are responsible for overseeing that the practices are run smoothly and provide quality health care to every patient.

Healthcare administrators can make from $80,000 to over $130,000 annually.

Companies that Hire Individuals with Health Administration and Health Management Degrees

There are many job opportunities available to you if you have earned either or even both of these degrees. Clinics and hospitals and even dentist offices look for people with strong communication and decision-making skills to add to their already growing businesses. Below are just a few examples of places that hire people in your shoes.

Piedmont Healthcare – offers fitness, surgery, urgent care, and vision centers; has served over 1 million patients throughout its locations, respectively; hires individuals with experience/knowledge in nursing, health administration, heart failure physicians, wound care clinicians, etc.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics – part of Stanford University Medical Center; hires graduates and others in the medical administration field

Ochsner Health System – based in New Orleans, LA; not-for-profit health care provider; hires in health administration and management, nursing recruitment, etc.

Penn State Hershey Medical Center – Hershey, PA; provides health care of all sorts; hires physicians, nurses, health administrative positions, etc.

360 Healthcare Staffing – hires healthcare administrative positions, including management, and other related fields

With a degree in healthcare administration or a degree in healthcare management, you can continue your education further to become the best, well-rounded person you can be in the field of healthcare systems. Gain the knowledge and experience it takes to run a health clinic, hospital, nursing home, or other practice and fly high in the world of healthcare.

Author: Rose Boettinger

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  2. I have a bachelors degree in health science/public health and I’m currently working for one of the major counties in California. I have to warn you all, anyone in health care administration are usually RNs who are getting older and moved up to administrative side. The hospitals tend to hire folks who already are licensed professionals which saves them money. Unless you have licensing, you aren’t going to be picked out of the lot. And with the current trend of converting all health care records into electronic format, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be less jobs to go around. Now i’m hoping to get my Masters in something more lucrative than Health Administration.


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