What Can You Do With A Human Resources Degree?

human resources management degree
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People who work in the human resources department within a company are often responsible for hiring and overseeing company employees among other things. The study of human resources emphasizes that people are essential for a company’s success, how a company cannot thrive without them. This article provides examples of schools with noteworthy human resources programs as well as examples and descriptions of what you can do with a human resources degree.

How to Get a Human Resources Degree

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect college or university for you, it’s important that you keep certain things in mind. Know the ultimate level of degree you plan to achieve (associates, bachelors, masters, or doctoral). Decide whether you’d prefer to attend a public or private higher education facility and whether you’d like to stay in-state or travel across the country to earn your degree in human resources, or perhaps you’d prefer to earn your human resources degree online. You should begin looking for schools with programs that best fit your interest towards the end of your junior year and beginning of your senior year in high school. Always be sure to apply to at least three different schools.

Human Resources Programs to Consider

Countless colleges and universities across the world offer degrees in human resources. How do you know which school is right for you? Check out the few that are described here to get a feel for different types of programs and other opportunities various schools have to offer.

Ferris State University of Big Rapids, MI, gives students the chance to earn a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management. This program includes courses that cover finance, computer information systems, management, international business, and more to prepare students for business careers. Courses place emphasis on skills necessary to succeed in business, including but not limited to leadership, communication, and organizational skills. It is a great program to consider if you’re looking to enter a management position. Ferris State University also offers various master programs in the field of business administration for students looking to further their education after earning a bachelors degree in human resource management.

If you’re looking to jump into the business world sooner and avoid accruing a significantly high amount of student debt, consider earning an Associates Degree in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership from Rasmussen College. The school has multiple locations across the country, including states like Florida, Wisconsin, and Illinois, making their human resources program available on multiple campuses to reach even more students. The program teaches students different and effective approaches employee development and management as well as marketing techniques and more. Students can also opt for internships to build field experience before leaving with a degree. The school also offers a bachelors degree in human resources and organizational leadership, as well.

Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., offers students the opportunity to earn a Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management. This degree program prepares students for business careers with the knowledge necessary for constructing and utilizing databases and understanding finance and economics among other topics. Students also build leadership skills necessary to advance in the human resources field.

Careers in Human Resources

While attending the college or university of your choice and earningĀ  your human resources degree, it’s important that you start doing your research to decide what career path you’d like to pursue. There are many types of jobs available to people with degrees in human resources and human resource management; it’s just a matter of finding a position most appealing to you.

Entry Level Careers in Human Resources

With an associates degree or bachelors degree in human resources or human resources management, you’re bound to qualify for one or both of the careers described below.

Business Operations Specialist

A business operations specialist is responsible for ensuring that a business is running as smoothly as possible, producing top quality goods and/or services to clients with as few setbacks as possible. Business operations specialists analyze information gathered by means of feedback from managers and employees as well as employee observations to determine what areas within a business need improvement, which departments need assistance to better function properly. These operations specialists typically have a bachelors degree in business or human resources with excellent communication and analytical skills.

Business operations specialists can earn a salary above $32,000 annually, depending on education and experience levels.

Human Resources Coordinator

A human resources coordinator keeps records of government rules and regulations related to human resources in order to ensure the compliance with legalities by employees of a business. Human resources coordinators also report updates to human resources directors of companies in regard to new or improved rules and regulations for businesses; therefore, they possess excellent written and verbal communication skills in addition to outstanding organizational skills. Human resources coordinators often have a bachelors degree in human resources and a year or so experience in the field. Experience can be gained through an internship while earning a college degree.

Human resources coordinators can earn around $38,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Advanced Careers in Human Resources

Once you’ve gained a few years of experience in the field of human resources and perhaps even earned a masters degree or doctoral degree related to human resources, you may find that you qualify for one or both of the positions described below.

Human Resources Generalist

human resources careers
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Human resources generalists consult with managers and others who oversee departments within a business in order to resolve issues. Most issues human resources generalists address are directly related to employees and their relationships with one another. A human resources generalist often serves as a sort of counselor for managers and employees of a business in addition to other responsibilities. With a bachelors degree in human resources and a masters in a related field with background knowledge in psychology, human resources generalists have outstanding communication skills and a few years experience in human resources with the ability to make informed decisions within a short time frame.

Human resources generalists can earn an annual salary of around $52,000, based on education and experience levels.

Hiring Manager

A hiring manager is responsible for just that–hiring new employees they deem worthy to fill available positions in a company. He or she reviews applications and contacts qualified applicants for interviews, and those with impressively successful interviews are often called back for second interviews held by the hiring manager. Hiring managers are personable and have highly valuable leadership skills in order to oversee teams of employees in addition to bringing on new hires. They typically possess at least a bachelors degree in business management or human resources with multiple years of experience in the field of human resources. Many also may have a masters degree in human resource management.

Hiring managers can earn a salary of around $57,000 annually, depending on their education and experience levels.

Companies that Hire People with Human Resources Degrees

Once you’ve earned a degree in human resources, it’s time to wade the waters of today’s job market. All large businesses have human resources departments, so it’s just a matter of finding openings within those departments. Below is a brief list of companies that hire people with human resources degrees.

Georgia Department of Human Services – hires people for various human resources and human services positions.

Quality Life Services of Henry Clay Villa – located in Markleysburg, PA; hires positions for human resources generalists and more

Audigy Group, LLC – located in Vancouver, WA; business management company; hires positions for human resources assistants, human resources managers, etc.

Arnot Health – located in Elmira, NY; hires positions for recruitment assistants and other human resources management positions

Human resources degrees are valuable degrees to hold. The field will never disappear, and as more and more businesses come into existence and so many expand, you’re bound to find a job in your field.

Author: Rose Boettinger

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