What Can You Do With A Science Degree?

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Science is the study and application of observations and testing in order to gain a better understanding of the natural world. So, what can you do with a degree in science? There are tons of different career paths you can choose from once you earn a degree in science. The career paths available to you also depend on what type of science you focus your studies around, as there is a seemingly endless number of choices. Here, you will find just some of the many types of science, higher education facilities with reputable science programs in which you can earn your degree, and examples of career paths for science majors.

Studying Science

As mentioned above, there are many different types of science you can choose to study in school. You may be familiar with biology, earth science, and chemistry which can be further explored in college; but many colleges and universities offer a variety of other types of life science and applied science. A few of these types are listed below. You can click on the links to learn about each individually.

Behavioral science

Biomedical science

Environmental science

Equine science

Exercise science

Forensic science

Health science

Library science

Nutrition (often linked with food science and sports nutrition)

Political science

How to Get a Science Degree

Since there are many different types of science, in order to choose the school at which you should earn your degree you must first know what particular area of study you are eager to explore. The links provided above not only contain pages that describe each type of science, but they also give examples of highly-esteemed colleges and universities for each subject. To add to the list, here are a few more examples of schools that offer great science programs.

If you are interested in exploring animal science, Becker College offers the number one school throughout the New England states in America. The college’s School of Animal Studies provides students with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science as well as opportunities to focus their studies specifically in pre-veterinary medicine, laboratory animal management, equine science, and more. The school also offers an alternative option: an associates degree in either veterinary technology or animal science in order to prepare them for future studies. The campus also has an animal clinic where students can gain experience in examining and treating animals under professional supervision to better prepare them for the working world of veterinary science.

If you prefer to focus your studies on how to use and maintain computers and their operating systems, then perhaps you should consider majoring in computer science. One excellent school for computer science is the University of Oklahoma. This public research university houses its College of Engineering’s School of Computer Science where students can earn bachelor degrees, masters degrees, doctoral degrees, and more in computer science, learning more than just the basics of the subject. Areas of research that enhance students’ learning experiences include but are not limited to educational technology, algorithms and theories, intelligent systems, and mobile wireless and computer systems.

Perhaps you are more interested in the health aspect of science. Consider attending a school for allied health. With campuses spread throughout the state of Pennsylvania and one in Nashville, TN, Kaplan Career Institute offers students outstanding opportunities in allied health. This school prepares its students for positions as dental assistants, medical assistants, and more with associate degrees in occupational therapy, respiratory care, and more. Once you earn your degree from Kaplan, you are ready to move on to an even more advanced higher education facility to focus on a more specific field of study.

Maybe neither of those catch your fancy. Maybe you’re more interested in the social sciences. If that happens to be the case, perhaps you should pursue a career in political science. Choose a school that will help enhance your understanding of national and global politics in order to gain a government job as a legislative aide, foreign service officer, or any other position in the field of politics. One school to consider is Rutgers University. The Political Science Program at Rutgers is unlike any other. Students and faculty come together from around the world to help one another learn the ins and outs of politics around the globe. With top honors programs and a variety of internship opportunities and the chance to study abroad, Rutgers prides itself on the well-rounded education its students receive.

Careers in Science

By now, you’re probably still wondering, “What jobs can I do with my science degree?” Before you earn a science degree from an accredited college or university, it is important that you have a general idea of what career path you plan to take upon graduation. Once you make that decision, it is easier to decide what courses to take in order to form your education to fit your desired career.

Entry Level Careers in Science

With an associates degree or bachelors degree in science or a more specifically related study, you are bound to qualify for a variety of jobs. A few examples of jobs you may qualify for are further described here.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wildlife rehabilitators often work for wildlife rehabilitation care centers and zoos, aiding in the care and handling of injured, sick, or abandoned wildlife. They usually start out as volunteers for animal shelters or wildlife centers in order to gain experience, and then they often earn degrees in animal science, biology, or other related scientific fields, some gaining specific knowledge in veterinary medicine and practices. They are passionate about their job, showing general compassion and patience with the animals.

Wildlife rehabilitators can begin earning around $20,000 with little knowledge and experience, with the potential to earn over $45,000 annually.

Park Ranger

park ranger job description biological science careers
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Park rangers are responsible for making sure that the environment and on-site buildings of state and national parks are maintained properly and that visitors are respectful towards the environment. Park rangers usually have a bachelors degree in a specific field of science, often biology. They have excellent verbal communication skills and receive brief training in law enforcement in order to best supervise and provide tours of their jurisdictions.

Park rangers can earn around $28,000 or more annually, based on knowledge and experience.


Ever heard of Arbor Day, the day people go around planting trees? An arborist does that for a living. Arborists raise trees until they are healthy enough to plant within an environment. Arborists also care for these trees, performing regular maintenance and removing them if necessary. They typically have a bachelors degree in biological science, environmental science, or a similar field. Arborists are dedicated to preserving the environment and keeping it healthy for all inhabitants. They have good communication skills and knowledge in arboriculture.

Arborists can earn around $31,000 annually.

Advanced Careers in Science

After gaining experience in your field and perhaps even earning a masters degree or doctoral degree in a specific science, many more job opportunities will introduce themselves to you.

Applied Behavioral Science Specialist

Applied behavioral science specialists offer counseling services to people of all ages. Services provided depend on observed behaviors of the clients by applied behavioral science specialists. They organize specific programs to fit each client’s needs in order to treat developmental disabilities. Applied behavioral science specialists usually possess a masters degree in behavioral science in addition to a bachelors degree in applied psychology and are very understanding and caring individuals. They have excellent communication skills and are very patient while paying close attention to detail in order to produce accurate observations.

Applied behavioral science specialists can earn around $44,000 with a bachelors degree, with room for improvement once they obtain a masters degree.

Medicinal Chemist

A medicinal chemist conducts research experiments in order to create or modify pharmaceuticals. With a masters degree or doctoral degree in pharmaceutical science, medicinal chemists can design and perform their own research projects. They possess impeccable research and analysis skills as well as the ability to work under minimal to no supervision.

Medicinal chemists can earn around $65,000 annually.

Food Development Scientist

A food development scientist often utilizes his or her time to create or enhance flavors or new food products. With a masters degree or higher in food science, food scientists often work for food and beverage manufacturers and focus on making food products more appealing to consumers in order to boost sales. They possess high research skills and good communication in order to present their findings and potential ideas to upper management.

Food development scientists can earn around $67,000 a year, with the potential to earn much more based on knowledge and experience.

Companies that Hire People with Science Degrees

Various companies and organizations around the world are constantly looking for people with degrees in science. Once you earn your degree, you just may qualify to work at one or more of the places listed here.

Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey – located in Livingston, NJ; hires positions for behavioral therapists, registered nurses, physical therapists, etc.

Waste Connections – headquarters in TX, locations throughout the U.S.; hires positions for environmental scientists, environmental planners, landfill managers, mechanics, etc.

Maxim Healthcare Services – headquarters in Reading, PA; hires positions for registered nurses, nurse assistants, clinical researchers, dentists, physicians, etc.

YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities – works with individuals with learning and/or developmental disabilities; hires positions for behavioral intervention specialists, early childhood special education instructors, psychologists, etc.

Silliker – located in Allentown, PA; food safety and food science laboratory; hires positions for chemistry technicians, microbiologists, research assistants, laboratory technicians, etc.

Hardy Industrial Technologies – located in Painesville, OH; hires positions for plant shift supervisors, laboratory technicians, analytical chemists, etc.

The choice of what career path to take after college lies with you, so make your educational experience count. Never take a single credit for granted while you journey through the land of education to reach a world of opportunities in the field of science.

Author: Rose Boettinger

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