Highest Paying Careers With 2 And 4 Year Degrees

with 2 year degreeThere are tons of careers you can explore after you’ve earned a two or four year college degree. What each career pays, however, all depends on two things: (1) degree subject and (2) your experience. People usually choose to earn degrees in subjects in which they excel or that they find particularly appealing. Some people choose subjects based on how much careers in those particular fields pay. Experience is often gained from jobs and/or internships completed during your college career. Check out some of the best paying careers for college graduates with degrees earned in either 2 or 4 years.

Best Paying Careers with a 2 Year Degree

A degree earned in two years is known as an associates degree. Although it is not as common as the bachelors degree in today’s world of academia, it holds a power all its own. This section is compiled of just a few of the many high paying careers available to people with associate degrees.

Dental Hygienist

With an associates degree in dental hygiene, you can join the working world as a dental hygienist. Dental hygienists typically work for certified dentists or in clinics, assisting in basic patient care that includes teeth cleaning during basic checkups. Dental hygienists do often go on to pursue higher degrees, often to become certified dentists.

Dental hygienists are highly personable, which allows clients to be more comfortable around them. It is important that clients be comfortable with their dentists and dental hygienists because the jobs of dentists and dental hygienists require the cooperation of their clients.

Dental hygienists can potentially earn over $70,000 annually.

Aerospace Engineer Technician

With an associates degree in aerospace engineering, you may join the engineering world as an aerospace engineer technician. Aerospace engineer technicians may assist aerospace engineers in the office, laboratory, and/or manufacturing plants by working technology necessary to test and improve aerospace products.

Aerospace engineer technicians possess excellent mathematical and scientific skills and are highly talented when it comes to upscale technology in order to best operate machinery that helps make various aircraft and spacecrafts.

Aerospace engineer technicians can potentially earn over $62,000 annually.

Radiology Technician

With an associates degree in radiography, you may enter the healthcare industry as a radiology technician. Radiology technicians work assisting certified radiologists or other doctors by operating and providing them with results from radiological imaging tools, such as MRIs and x-ray machines. The doctors then receive the results which help them to diagnose medical issues and provide treatment options for their patients.

Radiology technicians are skilled in biology, physiology, radiation physics, and more in order to best understand how the human body works and work the machinery necessary to determine any physical medical issues patients may be facing.

Radiology technicians can potentially earn over $55,000 annually.

Cardiovascular Technician

high paying jobs with a 4 year degreeWith an associates degree in cardiovascular technology earned at a college or trade school with an accredited program by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Professionals (CAAHEP), you can consider a career as a cardiovascular technician. Cardiovascular technicians often work in hospitals or other medical clinics, assisting doctors with diagnostic testing and treating patients with issues affecting blood vessels and the heart.

Cardiovascular technicians possess outstanding organizational skills in order to keep track of patient records and other paperwork necessary to diagnose and treat patients. They also have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Cardiovascular technicians can potentially earn over $54,000 annually.

Best Paying Careers with a 4 Year Degree

A degree earned in four, or in some cases five, years is called a bachelors degree. The bachelors degree is becoming a much more popular requirement for many jobs in today’s society, so many more people are pursuing the option to further their education right after high school. Some careers you can get with a bachelors degree actually pay more than many careers people qualify for after earning a masters degree; it all depends on what subject you decide to pursue. Some of the top paying careers you can get with a four year degree are listed and described in this section.

Petroleum Engineer

With a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering, you’re on your way to a career as a petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers typically work in offices or laboratories to design and construct the machinery necessary to extract hydrocarbons from the earth. The hydrocarbons are then processed and used as sources of heating and automobile fuel. Petroleum engineers can sometimes be found on job sites, as well.

Petroleum engineers possess advanced mathematical and scientific knowledge and are able to apply that knowledge as experts in the field of petroleum engineering. They have good communication and research skills, as well.

As quite possibly the highest paying career in today’s job market, a petroleum engineer can potentially earn over $130,000 annually.


With a bachelors degree in actuarial science, you can travel the career path to becoming an actuary. Actuaries often work for insurance companies, analyzing potential financial risks of individual clients and businesses in order to help determine which insurance policy suits the client best. Actuaries can also work for other businesses, researching potential effects caused by decisions made based on financial risks so that business owners are aware of future financial issues that may arise due to poor decision-making.

Actuaries possess excellent research and math skills and are dedicated to the success of their clients and businesses. They have outstanding written and verbal communication skills, as well.

Actuaries can potentially earn over $93,000 annually.

Mechanical Engineer

With a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, you can qualify for a career as a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers usually work in office settings designing and building things like machines and engines. They also often test their creations to ensure top-quality equipment is provided to clients and businesses.

Mechanical engineers possess advanced technical, developmental, and mathematical skills in order to create the most useful machinery to help get clients’ projects done accurately and in a timely fashion. They are also excellent at paying close attention to details and working in teams.

Mechanical engineers can potentially earn over $82,000 annually.


With a bachelors degree in areas like industrial engineering or supply chain management, you can qualify for a position as a logistician. Logisticians often work in warehouses, monitoring and directing major happenings such as purchases and transportation of products. They also utilize modernized software systems in order to organize and keep track and allow customers to keep track of shipped packages.

Logisticians possess incredible organizational and leadership skills in order to keep packaging and transportation running smoothly for all departments involved.

Logisticians can potentially earn over $73,000 annually.

So when you’re trying to decide on the degree that’s right for you, keep some of these high paying jobs in mind. You just may find that some of the top paying jobs are easy to land with the degree you’re interested in pursuing.

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