What Can You Do With An Architecture Degree?

jobs with architecture degree

Those studying architecture learn techniques necessary to design and carry out the construction of buildings of all sorts. People with architecture degrees help create everything from residential homes to commercial buildings for grocery stores, shopping malls, businesses, and more. This article explores some degree programs and career options available for people interested in the field of architecture.

Architecture Degree Programs

Many trade schools and colleges around the world offer excellent architecture degree programs for students interested in the construction process. Architecture is an art all its own, and these schools recognize that and the importance of architecture in today’s society.

Located in Syracuse, NY, the School of Architecture at Syracuse University has one of the top bachelors degree programs in architecture in the United States. The school boasts of unique one-on-one experiences between students and professors, helping students significantly advance their knowledge in the field as well as their communication and problem solving skills. Their work is reviewed by experts of architecture so students can gain a better understanding of what it takes to create true architectural art. The school also offers study abroad programs in Italy and England.

Auburn University offers various degree programs relevant to architecture, including architecture, interior architecture and pre-landscaping architecture. The university’s architecture degree programs are designed to educate students in every aspect necessary to understand the world of architecture, and students who graduate with a degree in architecture from Auburn University have the option of becoming licensed architects after passing the national Intern Development Program and the Architect Registration Examination. The school also offers dual degree programs for students in architecture and interior architecture.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, also known as Cooper Union, in New York offers a Bachelor of Architecture as well as a Master of Architecture II. The school has relatively smaller class sizes, so students receive the attention they deserve from dedicated and educated professors in order to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of architecture. With a bachelors degree program accredited through the National Architectural Accrediting Board, Cooper Union delves into the liberal arts providing students with cultural and intellectual aspects of architecture to best prepare them for bright, successful futures.

Careers in Architecture

While earning your degree in architecture, it is important that you begin to research careers available in the field in order to get an idea of what particular path you’d like to pursue upon graduating. Once you choose a type of career, it will be easier for you to shape your education into one that best prepares you for the future. This section contains various types of careers you can choose from in the field of architecture.

Entry Level Careers in Architecture

Once you earn your bachelors degree in architecture, you may find that you qualify for at least one position described here.

Architectural Drafter

drafter job description

An architectural drafter is responsible for designing and constructing models of projects. He or she often uses computer programs to create these models for presentations to clients. Architectural drafters possess a strong background in mathematics, architecture, and knowledge of relevant computer programs for designing and drafting architectural models. They have an excellent sense of creativity and the ability to make models unique and efficient by considering every necessary detail for each piece.

Architectural drafters may earn over $38,000 annually, based on experience and education levels.

Landscape Architect

A landscape architect designs and coordinates placement of outdoor gardens and accessories, such as fountains, sidewalks, and more. Some landscape architects focus on the placement of roads and buildings, as well. Landscape architects are required to be licensed if working in the United States. In addition to earning a bachelors degree in architecture, they must take and pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination in order to obtain their license. Landscape architects can work anywhere from college campuses to parks to residential areas. Many companies recommend some level of experience, but entry level jobs are also available for landscape architects.

Landscape architects may earn over $40,000 annually, based on experience and education levels.

Advanced Careers in Architecture

With experience comes more career opportunities. When you gain a few years of experience in the world of architecture after earning your bachelors degree or once you complete your masters degree in architecture, you may find that you qualify for any of the positions described below.

Green Architect

A green architect designs buildings that are energy efficient or environmentally friendly. He or she develops designs that incorporate solar panels and other features that will help each client conserve electricity and attempt to preserve the environment. Green architects possess either a bachelors degree in architecture or a masters degree in architecture and have completed and passed a licensing exam after finishing approximately three years of extensive training within the field of architecture.

Green architects may earn around $68,000 annually, in many cases even more based on education and experience levels.

Naval Architect

A naval architect researches and develops interior and exterior designs for new marine vehicles, such as boats, ships, and submarines. He or she also ensures that each design complies to the latest safety regulations, as well. Naval architects have good communication skills and are often responsible for reviewing tests of newly built ships, etc. Naval architects may possess architecture degrees with a strong background in engineering, including well-developed mathematical skills.

Naval architects may earn around $80,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Companies that Hire People with Architecture Degrees

With a degree in architecture, you may be self-employed or you may find work at any of various companies who look for people with architecture degrees. Construction is an ongoing process, so the world will always need people with architecture degrees. Below is a list of examples of companies that may hire people for architecture jobs.

Foreman Architects Engineers, Inc. – locations in PA, NJ, and MD; hires positions for project architects and various other types of architects

Mead & Hunt, Inc. – located in Madison, WI; hires positions for aviation architectural project managers, marketing coordinators, civil engineers, etc.

Nandinee Phookan Architects – located in Brooklyn, NY; hires positions for intermediate architects, junior architects, etc.

Wright-Pierce – locations throughout New England states; hires positions for civil project engineers, structural/architectural designers, etc.

Fleis and Vandenbrink Engineering – located in Grand Rapids, MI; hires positions for revit architects, civil engineers, etc.

If you find the art of architecture and its construction particularly intriguing, then you should consider pursuing a career that will allow you to put the knowledge and skills to use that you develop while earning your architecture degree. Consult your guidance counselor or advisor for more information on what you can do to succeed in the world of architecture.