What Can You Do With A Behavioral Science Degree?

jobs with behavioral science degreeWhat Can I Do With A Behavioral Science Degree?”

Behavioral science is the study of behavioral habits of both humans and animals. What jobs can you get with a degree in behavioral science? You can travel down many career paths with a behavioral science degree, because behavioral science is a broad category with a variety of fascinating subcategories. Many schools have behavioral science departments with various degree programs. Here you will find just some of those schools at which you can earn your degree and jobs you will qualify for after completing your studies!

The Sciences Behind Behavioral Science

The study of behavioral science incorporates a mix of natural sciences and social sciences, including but not limited to those described below.

Physiology – examines regular functions of living beings

Psychology – studies how the mind’s functions influence human behaviors

Sociology – observes structural aspects and functions of various societies

Anthropology – looks at evolution and zoology

How to Get a Behavioral Science Degree

If you are set on studying behavioral science in college, it is important that you choose a school that will help mold your future in achieving your career goals. Liberal arts universities around the globe offer unique experiences for behavioral science majors. In this section, you will find three schools with reputable behavioral science study programs. This can get you started on pursuing where you might be able to find the best choice for your schooling goals.

Argosy University’s College of Behavioral Sciences offers undergraduate students an excellent psychology program in which students can earn both an associates degree and bachelors degree in psychology to pursue further education as graduate students. Graduate students can earn degrees in everything from clinical mental health counseling to marriage and family therapy. Argosy University has campus locations across the United States.

At the University of Utah’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, undergraduates can choose from programs in ethnic studies, gender studies, and more with focuses in areas such as sociology and anthropology. Graduate students can earn masters degrees in everything from public policy to international affairs and global enterprise. With internships and unique research opportunities, students are sure to find themselves gaining experience in their field before even graduating from the college.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst campus has a fantastic College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, as well. With undergraduate bachelor degree opportunities ranging from anthropology to environmental design to sociology, students will become well versed in the field of behavioral science. After earning their bachelors degrees, students can apply for graduate programs in which they can earn masters degrees in anthropology and sociology, among others and even more doctoral degrees. At the university, students can choose from a variety of courses to shape their degrees into unique educational experiences in order to best prepare them for their future career paths.

There are also some behavioral science degree opportunities online, such as Kaplan University.

Behavioral Science Degree Jobs – Careers in Behavioral Science

After earning your degree in one or more behavioral sciences, you will qualify for a variety of career paths. This degree can be applied to many different industries and career paths. Jobs will become available for you all over the globe. Your salary and job type will often reflect the level of education you’ve received; therefore, you will receive a larger annual salary with a masters degree or doctoral degree in the field of behavioral science.

What Can You Do With A Behavioral Science Degree?

Entry Level Careers in Behavioral Science

With a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and a bit of experience gained during your time studying at a university, you’ll qualify for one or more of these positions post-graduation.

Behavioral Interventionist

Behavioral interventionists work to reduce or extinguish harmful behavior towards individuals or groups by enforcing positive behavioral practices. They often work with children in schools or at home who have developmental disabilities. Interventionists often rely on the assistance of others around them, such as teachers, counselors, and family members, for positive reinforcement in order to end the children’s negative behavioral habits as soon as possible. Behavioral interventionists are incredibly patient, possess impeccable communication skills, and are able to tolerate violent behavior.

Behavioral interventionists can earn around $35,000 or more annually.

Mental Health Case Managers

behavioral science degree careers

Mental health case managers work along psychiatrists in assisting with patient screening processes in order to determine what treatments are necessary and creating plans to carry out assigned treatments. During the treatments, mental health case managers track progress made by the patients in order to determine the effectiveness of the treatments. They possess excellent communication and record-keeping skills. Qualified bachelor degrees include but are not limited to psychology, social science, and behavioral science.

Mental health case managers can earn an annual salary of around $42,000.

Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers educate young children with learning disabilities, helping them understand life skills in addition to molding basic education requirements to fit the children’s learning capacities. These teachers are very patient with their students and passionate about their job. They possess advanced communication skills that assist them in teaching children with special needs and communicating progress with parents.

Special education teachers can earn around $50,000 annually.

Advanced Careers in Behavioral Science

A masters degree or doctoral degree in a specific field of behavioral science will allow you to qualify for many other job opportunities, including but not limited to those listed here.

Outpatient Therapist

Outpatient therapists provide therapeutic treatments to recovering substance addicts or individuals who possess mental health disabilities. Ages of patients can range from children to older adults, and treatments can typically take place in the patients’ homes or in a recovery clinic. Outpatient therapists possess bachelor degrees and master degrees in a specific field of behavioral science and have great communication skills.

Outpatient therapists can earn around $40,000 or more annually for the services they provide.

Behavioral Scientist

Behavioral scientists spend much of their time performing research in order to determine why human beings act certain ways as individuals and as groups. Methods of research can include traveling to public places in order to observe and interpret regular patterns of behaviors. They can also work in hospitals with mentally disabled individuals or for the government to assist with criminal investigations. Regardless of their areas of employment, behavioral scientists possess excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as outstanding comprehensive research skills.

Behavioral scientists can earn around $57,000 annually.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Behavioral Science Degree? – Companies that Hire People with Behavioral Science Degrees

Many companies offer jobs for people with degrees in behavioral science. Throughout your schooling, explore possibilities of careers and what each of them entail so that as you pursue a job after graduation, you have a starting point. There are a lot of opportunities available out there! Some examples of companies and organizations can be found below.

Austin Independent School District – located in Austin, TX; hires positions for life skills specialists, special education teachers, etc.

Goldbelt, Inc. – based in Juneau, AK, with locations across the U.S.; provides tourism and government services; hires positions for behavioral health military trainers, directors of psychological health, engineering technicians, etc.

MedSynergies – based in Irving, TX with locations around the U.S.; hires positions for customer care representatives, behavioral therapists, etc.

Pennsylvania Counseling Services – locations in 10 counties throughout the state of PA; hires positions for in-home therapists, caseworkers, outpatient therapists, etc.

SUMMARY: With My Behavior Science Degree…

Salary with a Degree in Behavioral Science:

  • Average of about $35,000-$57,000 or more depending on education level, experience, job title, location, company, location, and more.

Bachelors in Social and Behavioral Sciences Degree Jobs and Careers: 

  • Behavioral Interventionist
  • Mental Health Case Managers
  • Special Education Teacher

Behavioral Science Masters Degree Jobs and Careers: 

  • Outpatient Therapist
  • Behavioral Scientist

Is A Behavioral Sciences Degree Right For You?

The world will always need people with degrees in behavioral science, whether they are psychologists or educators. The schools and jobs listed here are just a sample of what’s available to individuals with behavioral science degrees. If any of the above information sounds like something you are interested in, make sure to do some additional research or consider getting into this field of study.