What Can You Do With A Software Engineering Degree?

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Software engineering is one of the most recently established forms of engineering. It is the study of ways in which you can apply engineering techniques when creating computer software. With the use of technology becoming increasingly popular and the constant need to develop and improve new software, software engineering is still a fairly popular field of study. What can you do with a software engineering degree? This article answers that question and more.

Studying Software Engineering

People with a particular interest in creating and maintaining computer programs and software should seriously consider earning a degree in software engineering. Those who study software engineering go on to work in a wide range of industries. Some examples of places software engineers work for are listed below.

 Video game companies

Computer software companies

Internet corporations

Manufacturing companies

Government agencies

Healthcare Centers

Software Engineering Degree Programs

Once you decide that majoring in software engineering is the best educational path for you, you should begin considering different engineering programs at colleges and universities around the world. Many have noteworthy software engineering programs that will help prepare you for the career of your dreams. Consult your guidance counselor for advice on what classes you can take in high school to best prepare yourself for a future in software engineering.

If your schedule is packed and you do not have the time to drive back and forth to a college campus every day, sometimes multiple times a day, you should research some online degree programs that you can complete anywhere you have internet access. Many people choose to complete online degree programs at home or on the go if their current jobs require a large amount of traveling. One software engineering degree program that can be completed online is that provided by Arizona State University. ASU’s Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering online program not only provides an exceptional educational experience but also helps build communication and critical thinking skills and teamwork cooperation to prepare students for work outside the world of academia. Students learn how to design and implement processes in mechanics and electronics to software production and more.

Keiser University provides undergraduates with the chance to earn a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. This particular degree program is designed to educate students in the various steps involved in software development in order to best prepare them for careers that interest them in the field of software engineering. The program includes courses on topics like software evolution, statistics and algorithms, networking, project management, professional writing, and more. Keiser University educators are dedicated to the success of every student in every class, helping them learn the ins and outs in preparation for the working world.

Pace University offers students a Master of Science in Software Engineering, a two-year program in which graduate students gain extensive knowledge in software engineering in order to potentially climb the corporate ladder. Concentrations that partner with this program include topics like human computer interaction, software process management, internet software development, and more to provide students with a wide array of choices to enhance their career options upon graduating with this particular software engineering degree. Among the requirements to enter the masters of software engineering program is the previous achievement of earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming or related field.

Careers in Software Engineering

While you are attending a school for software engineering, it is important for you to explore the various career options available in today’s job market for people with software engineering degrees. Once you decide on a specific career path, you can form your higher education studies to focus on courses that will provide you with advanced knowledge necessary to excel in that field.

Entry Level Careers in Software Engineering

After earning an associates degree or bachelors degree in software engineering, many interesting career possibilities will become available to you. Some that you may qualify for are listed and briefly described below.

Software Publisher

Software publishers work to produce computer software programs that help businesses stay organized. Computer software is essential to the functioning of computers, so any business that relies on computer systems and specific applications like databases and word processors would not be nearly as successful if software publishers did not exist. Software publishers also often help in developing forms of computer software distribution. Most employers prefer applicants for software publisher positions to possess bachelor degrees in software engineering, computer science, and other related topics with strong background knowledge in mathematics.

Software publishers may earn around $44,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Web Designer

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Web designers use computer coding to create and monitor websites. The various combinations of computer coding they use are what make up a website’s design and layout, everything from the placement of logos to each color used to create eye-catching pages of information. Web designers may also write and edit website content, as well. Although it is not necessarily required by all employers, most employers prefer individuals who have earned an associates degree or bachelors degree in software engineering or computer science. It is not uncommon for entry level web designers to receive on-the-job training. Applicants for this type of position should be familiar with computer systems.

Web designers may earn over $48,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Advanced Careers in Software Engineering

With years of experience and/or a masters degree or doctoral degree in software engineering, you may find that you qualify for at least one of the positions described here.

Technical Advisor

A technical advisor provides technical support for entry level engineers working with computer software, and in some cases, he or she may also provide tech support for customers. Technical advisors typically possess a bachelors degree in software engineering or related field, but most employers prefer individuals with master or doctoral degrees. At least three years of experience within the specific industry is also required by most employers. Troubleshooting assistance experience is also highly beneficial.

Technical advisors may earn around $90,000 annually, depending on education and experience levels.

Network Engineer

A network engineer creates computer networks to connect all employees within a company. Network engineers may work together or may be individually employed by companies to supervise and perform regular maintenance on company networks in addition to fixing whatever technological problems may arise with the networks. Network engineers typically possess a bachelors degree or higher in software engineering, computer science, or other related fields with years of experience working with computers and software. They pay close attention to detail and have excellent leadership and analytical skills.

Network engineers may earn over $80,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Game Designer

If gaming is a passion, software engineering provides a strong background for a career in game design.

Companies that Hire People with Software Engineering Degrees

Software engineering is a field that will most likely always exist, due to the constant development and improvement of technology. Companies around the world are hiring people with software engineering degrees. Below is just a brief list of a few examples of companies that hire people with software engineering degrees.

Johnson, Mirmiran, and Thompson – located in Sparks Glencoe, MD; hires positions for mechanical project engineers, resident engineers, electrical designers, GIS applications developers, etc.

Boeing – headquarters in Chicago, IL; hires positions for Java software engineers, software technical analysts, systems engineers, platform engineers, etc.

Space Systems/Loral – located in Palo Alto, CA; hires positions for RF systems software engineers, ATE design engineer specialists, systems engineering specialists, etc.

Microsoft – locations around the world; hires positions for program managers, software development engineers, hardware engineers, etc.

A degree in software engineering is a highly valuable degree to have, especially with the rapid rate at which the use of technology continues to grow. If you have a particular interest in computer science and technology, then a career in software engineering may just be the right path for you.