What Can You Do With An Forest Ecology And Management Degree

If you are looking for a career path, consider obtaining a degree in forest ecology and management. Careers in forestry offer challenging, specialized work that can positively impact the planet. If you have a strong interest in science and mathematics, enjoy being outdoors, and wish to help conserve environmental resources, forestry could be an excellent field for you.

What Is Forest Ecology And Management?

Knowledge of Large Tracks of Trees

Understanding of the Biological and Scientific Complexity of Forests

The Ability to Operate Special Technology and Equipment

Physical Strength and Endurance

Proper Documentation

Ability to Work With and Educate Others

Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local Laws

Fire Fighting Tactics

Is There A Need For Forestry Degrees?




Urban Development

Organizations That Hire Foresters:

Organizations That Provide Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Jobs For Forest Ecology And Management Graduates

Conservation and Resource Forester

Forest and Conservation Technician

Environmental Compliance Inspector

Environmental Biologist

Log Grafer and Scaler

Procurement Agent

Forest Ranger

Forest Fire Inspection and Prevention Specialist

Forest and Wildland Firefighter

Wetlands Specialist


Urban Forester


Extension Agent


So, what can you do with a forest ecology and management degree? You can obtain a job that involves working outdoors in a scientific field. This offers the satisfaction of using both specialized knowledge and physical strength. You can work to determine policies and enforce standards that keep people safe. Additionally, you can help ensure that environmental resources are responsibly maintained for future generations.

Author: Sandy Mayberry

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