The One Thing Interviewers HATE About Resumes… Revealed!

You’ve found your dream job posting online. It’s everything you’ve been working for and you know it should be yours.

How do you guarantee that your resume won’t just collect virtual internet dust in a recruiter’s inbox? What will kill your chances of landing an interview before you even get a phone call?

You may find yourself asking these questions, but there’s ONE thing that interviewers hate most about resumes that you should keep in mind:

The one thing interviewers hate about resumes

When applicants don’t customize their resume for the position they are applying for.

Writing an overly basic resume will assure that it gets thrown away with all the other boring applicants. Avoid doing this at all costs if you’re serious about landing your dream job.

It’s much easier to create a generic resume that displays your work experience, and mass-apply with the same resume to multiple jobs. Doing this won’t help you stand out from the crowd.

Employers can tell when you’ve sent them a resume that hasn’t been tailored to specifically reference the listed job requirements.

How to avoid the one thing interviewers hate

Use the posted job description as reference when you’re writing your resume. As you read through the list of responsibilities and requirements, write your resume to reflect your experience in those areas.

For example, if one of the tasks they require is to run a social media campaign, list a specific instance where you’ve done that. Be sure to give specifics to show them you already know how to do the job.

This might sound like an obvious statement, but seriously, highlight what makes you unique.

Don’t do an internet search for “best resume templates” and just plug your information into the document. If you do, use a resumer builder that enables you to tailor your resume easily to what you need to prepare yourself for your interview.

You’re unique and your resume should reflect that. Take the time to write an accurate representation of who you are.

If you’ve won awards at work, list them on your resume with a sentence or two about why you won them. It can feel weird to talk about yourself, but you have to give a recruiter a reason to linger on your resume. Show them you’ve got skills that others have recognized. Employers want to hire successful employees. Don’t be afraid to market yourself!

The job market is a competitive place and being on top of your game is absolutely necessary for success. Take the time to customize your resume to each job you apply for. It can be a frustrating process, but in the end, investing the time will pay off and you’ll be glad you did!