What Can You Do With An Education Degree?

what jobs can you get with an education degree
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With the importance that a good education holds in today’s society, faculty members of educational facilities will never be in short supply. Therefore, an education degree is very valuable. If you are passionate about helping people grow as informed and properly educated individuals, then perhaps a degree in education is what you should pursue after graduating from high school. With a degree in education, you are not limited to where you can find a job. There are job opportunities spread out across the globe.

Types of Education Degrees

If you are interested in pursuing a job in education, you need to decide what path you want to travel. Do you want to work with young children, or do you find yourself relating better to and more comfortable with young adults? Would you like to teach all general subjects to elementary students, or do you see yourself standing before groups of secondary students explaining the laws of physics? Or maybe you’d prefer to hold a higher position of authority as a member of a school board. Below are a few descriptions of degrees for teaching specific age groups.

Degree in Early Childhood Education – obtained to teach preschool children; focuses on methods of teaching children ages 2 to 5; typically an associates degree; not necessarily a requirement for educating said age group

Degree in Educational Leadership – obtained by those who desire to earn higher positions in educational facilities (i.e., principals and administrators); focuses on skills necessary to communicate with teachers, students, and parents

Bachelors Degree in Education – obtained by those who plan to teach in the classroom; covers skills necessary to manage classes and specifications of the field and ages planned to teach; takes on average 4 to 5 years to complete; (can be either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelors of Science, depending on specific subject of study)

Masters Degree in Education – also obtained by those who plan to teach in the classroom; focuses on more advanced teaching techniques, including incorporating advanced technology into lessons; some schools pay teachers with bachelor degrees to earn a masters degree; takes on average 2 years to complete; pursued after earning bachelors degree; can earn teachers more advanced positions related to educational leadership

How to Get an Education Degree

Liberal arts colleges and universities around the world provide students with the opportunities to earn bachelor degrees and master degrees in a variety of fields related to education. In this section, you will find three schools with excellent education programs that will help you get ahead in your career.

Furman University, located in Greenville, SC, is the oldest private liberal arts school in the state. It offers a fantastic education major as well as certification programs in early childhood, special education, and more. The education major’s main focus is on children in grades 2 through 6 and to prepare you for the certification programs the school also offers. The university also offers students the opportunity to apply to its graduate program in education. With an average class size of 19 students, students are guaranteed to receive the education they deserve.

Nashville, TN, is home to Lipscomb University, a private Christian liberal arts school that offers 3 different undergraduate programs in education and 1 main graduate program in education in which students can earn a masters degree and/or doctoral degree in education. The school also offers specific teaching programs in subjects like art, music, history, English, and more. If students want to major in another subject, they do have the option of declaring a minor in education.

Longwood University is a public university in Farmville, VA, where students can join one of the best education degree programs in the United States. Students can choose to focus in secondary education of arts and sciences, middle and elementary school liberal studies, and liberal studies in special education as undergraduates. Graduate students can pursue degrees in various special education programs, health and physical fitness, educational leadership, counseling, and more. The student-faculty ratio is 1:18, allowing students and faculty to have closer academic relationships in order for students to receive the best experience possible on their way into joining the world of teaching.

Careers in Education

While you are on the hunt for higher education facilities that suit your needs, it is important to have a general idea of what career path you plan to pursue in order to best form your academic experience to fit your future. In this section, you will find just a few career options you have to choose from once you earn a degree in education, whether it is an associates degree, bachelors degree, masters degree, or even a doctoral degree. The higher your level of degree, the higher the position you can expect to qualify for.

Entry Level Careers in Education

With an associates degree or bachelors degree in education or specific field of teaching, you can expect to qualify for these positions and more. Once you build experience, even more job opportunities will become available to you. If you are just starting out, however, these are a few jobs for which you may be a qualified applicant.

Teacher Assistant

A position as a teacher assistant is excellent preparation for a person looking to enter the field of teaching. Teacher assistants typically do odds and ends to help teachers carry out successful lessons, usually for younger classes. Duties may include laminating projects for continuous use, organizing games and activities to hold students’ interest and desire to participate, and supervising students during recess or on field trips. The position of a teacher assistant does not require a specific degree in education, only a high school diploma and experience working with young kids. However, an associates degree would be beneficial.

The job market for teacher assistants is not exactly booming at the moment The expected salary of a teacher assistant is around $22,000 a year, depending on experience and education.

Preschool Teacher

If seeing a child’s eyes light up with excitement and understanding warms your heart, then perhaps becoming a preschool teacher could be the right career path for you. Spend your days doing crafts with kids that teach them coordination and cooperation skills and providing them with healthy choices during snack time, giving children the nurturing learning environment they deserve. Preschool teachers are responsible for coming up with exciting and stimulating lessons and activities to keep youngsters interested in learning and interacting with one another. Teachers need excellent communication skills to converse with their students and students’ parents, and they also possess above average levels of patience. An associates degree or bachelors degree in early childhood education is preferable but not always necessary.

Preschool teachers can earn around $26,000 a year.

High School Teacher

high school teacher degree jobs
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Do you feel confident that you can successfully educate moody teenagers? If so, then consider a position as a high school teacher. High school teachers usually specialize in a specific subject, such as chemistry, art, or English literature. They educate multiple classes each day and spend their nights creating lesson plans and grading projects and tests. They are dedicated to their students’ education, often staying at school after hours to help improve students’ understanding of their subject. High school teachers need patience and a good sense of humor, as this is the time in students’ lives when they are growing older but have not quite matured yet. High school teachers also have at least a bachelors degree in education with a concentration in their field of study.

High school teachers can earn around $40,000 a year.

Advanced Careers in Education

After college students earn their master or doctoral degrees in education, then they are further prepared to tackle the world of academia. Below are just a few examples of jobs you will qualify for along with their descriptions and expected salaries.

College Professor

College professors instruct classes and often oversee student organizations and clubs. They spend much of their time developing extensive lesson plans and exams, and many are also advisers to students as well. Advisers are responsible for assisting students in choosing the best classes to prepare them for their desired career paths. Professors have at least a masters degree in their specific field of study, and many possess doctoral degrees in their field of education. Some professors are also involved in research programs and projects in their field.

College professors can earn around $80,000 a year, depending on whether they are full-time instructors, the subjects they teach, and the clubs or organizations they oversee.

School Principal

Whether it is elementary, middle, or high school, once you have developed the experience and earned the degree, you can become the principal of a school. Principals often start their careers as teachers themselves, gaining experience in educating and understanding young minds. Many schools pay teachers to pursue higher degrees, which then qualify those teachers for higher salaries and positions such as a vice principal or principal of a school. Principals have fantastic communication skills in order to work with parents to improve students’ educational experiences and ensure that students are safe and treat one another with respect. Principals also report to superintendents of their school districts in order to update the board on what progress schools are making and request assistance if necessary.

School principals can earn around $86,000 annually.

School Administrator

Administrators work with teachers and counselors in order to ensure safe and excellent educational experiences for the students of a school. Responsibilities include hiring and training staff and preparing budgets for the school district in addition to creating educational goals for the district. A masters degree in educational leadership is preferable with years of experience in teaching and management. Many school principals go on to become school administrators.

School administrators can earn over $100,000 annually.

Companies that Hire People with Education Degrees

Many schools across the world are constantly in search of people with education degrees, whether in physical education, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or another field of study. Listed below are a few universities and school districts to start your search for the perfect job.

Washington School for Girls – located in Washington, D.C.; all girls Catholic school; hires middle school teachers in a variety of subjects

Millville Public Schools – located in Millville, NJ; hires elementary, middle, and high school teachers as well as positions in administration

California Connections Academy – located in Ripon, CA; hires teachers in kindergarten through the 12th grade

Seattle University – located in Seattle, WA; hires department deans, professors, etc.

When you earn your education degree, you will become qualified to help students of all ages receive the best education possible in order to prepare them for years to come. Becoming an educator is a rewarding decision that will allow you to impact young lives forever.

Author: Rose Boettinger

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  1. There are many paths to education and so much more to know than is possible to lay out on one page. However, a career in education is very rewarding, but so much more stressful than most people imagine. If you are contemplating a career in education, one of the best things you can do is volunteer in schools. Doing this will begin to give you an idea of what it’s all about. Volunteer in more than one school, as they are all quite different, talk with teachers, administrators, whoever you think might be able to help. If you do decide to pursue a career in education, this extra experience will also help when you are looking for a job.

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