What Can You Do With A General Studies Degree?

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Everything You Need To Know about What Can You Do with a General Studies Degree

What can you do with a general studies degree? A general studies degree is an excellent choice for people who love to study humanities and liberal arts. While pursuing this type of degree, the student will be required to choose a specific concentration. This concentration builds the framework to dictate the courses necessary to meet the student’s career goals. This poses one question: What can you do with a degree in general studies? This article is designed to assist you in further understanding the idea behind a general studies degree and provide you with some career examples that you’ll be qualified for after earning your degree.

This General Studies Overview Will Cover:

  • General Studies Degree Jobs
  • What Is A General Studies Major?
  • Bachelors and Associates Degree in General Studies
  • Companies That Hire People With A BA or AA in General Studies
  • Potential Salaries Of General Studies Major Graduates

General Studies Degree Programs

General studies degree programs are perfect for someone who has an interest in a variety of subjects and is looking to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of subjects. Students take various history, literature, foreign language courses and more to expand their knowledge of the humanities and liberal arts. The main degree is often either a Bachelor of General Studies or a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies–these terms are interchangeable, with the requirements being nearly the same. The title of degree varies depending on the college or university at which you choose to earn your degree. Some colleges, especially those online, offer an Associate of Arts in General Studies as an alternative. Consult your guidance counselor for specific ways in which you can best prepare for an education in general studies after high school.

Schools with General Studies Degrees

Capital Community College
Henderson State University
Indiana University
Nicholls State University

Online Schools with General Studies Degrees

Ashworth College
Columbia Southern University
Saint Louis University
University of Phoenix
CTC – Central Texas College

Is A GS Major Useless Or Worthwhile?

Many people are under the false assumption that starting off with a general studies degree is too basic and cannot lead to success when in reality, this is far from the truth. Many who choose to pursue a general studies degree choose to do so for a year or two and receive a liberal arts associates degree, usually to further their education to a higher degree such as a bachelor of the arts or sciences. This way, they can use their liberal arts degree to get jobs that best suit them in the future without having to decide right away.

What Can You Do With A General Studies Degree?

Pursuing a degree in general studies a good plan for those who are unsure of what they want to do but want a base knowledge of skills that could be beneficial in almost any career path. There’s plenty of gs associates or bachelors in arts degree concentrations to choose from. Some of disciplines and industries you can get into include:

  • Math
  • Social Sciences or Human Resources
  • Business
  • Media
  • Communications
  • Science
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Literature and Composition

“What Can I Do With A General Studies Degree?” Best Careers in General Studies

While you are in the process of earning your general studies degree, whether bachelors or associates degree, it is crucial that you choose a concentration. This concentration will help you form your education around whatever career goals you have in mind. You may not know your exact career path before graduating, but having an idea of what you’re interested in will help guide your general studies program and help you to make the most of your education. This section provides examples of the wide variety of possible career paths and opportunities that are available to students who have graduated with a degree in general studies.

Administrative Assistant

general studies degree programs

An administrative assistant typically performs secretarial duties, arranging meetings, scheduling conferences and coordinating travel arrangements for directors and executives. Administrative assistants are needed in nearly every area of business or organization, ranging from private offices, to large corporations, to schools, universities, theaters and non-profits. They have excellent written and verbal communication and organizational skills and possess bachelor degrees in anything from business administration to general studies.

Administrative assistants may make an annual salary around $31,000, based on education and experience levels. This can be increased with your degree level and past experience.

Assistant Bank Branch Manager

Are you highly organized and love numbers? This might be the job for you! An assistant bank branch manager helps the branch manager of a particular bank by auditing tellers’ drawers after each shift, ensuring the branch opens and closes at scheduled times, creating the teller schedules, and more. Assistant branch managers possess particularly good mathematical skills and are highly personable and organized. They also possess degrees in anything from general studies to finance to business management and have a few years of experience in management or the banking industry.

Bank managers may make over $38,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Store Manager

A store manager typically heads one of a chain of retail or restaurant stores by overseeing other employees, ensuring that they carry out their assigned tasks accurately and within a timely manner. They are often responsible for creating weekly work schedules, recording daily income and comparing it to the previous year’s income, and calculating the daily deposit. Store managers may have degrees in business management, human resources, general studies, or other related fields. They possess outstanding oral and written communication skills and are highly organized, providing top-of-the-line customer service. This is an excellent job for someone who is a natural leader with a creative, outgoing side.

Retail managers may make over $45,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Assistant Project Manager

An assistant project manager ensures that projects are carried through accurately and in a timely fashion in addition to potentially managing communication with clients and others with inquiries about projects. He or she may also perform basic secretarial duties, such as sitting in on meetings, taking calls, and keeping records. Assistant project managers are highly organized and very personable, and they also often have degrees in general studies, project management, or other related fields. It is not uncommon for assistant project managers to also have a few years of experience within whatever industry they work.

Assistant project managers may make around $50,000 annually, based on education and experience levels as well as the types of industries in which they are employed.


A copywriter may work independently or for one of a number of companies, creating content to promote those companies and their products and/or services. He or she often works on a team with people who specialize in marketing, advertising, or public relations. Copywriters often possess at least a bachelors degree in general studies, communications, English, or another related field. They possess outstanding written communication skills and are able to meet deadlines quickly and efficiently. They are highly creative and able to spot details others may naturally overlook.

Copywriters may make around $54,000 annually, based on the topics they write about as well as their education and experience levels.

Software Consultant

A software consultant is a member of a team that aims to create and/or improves computer software programs. A software consultant may meet with clients in order to determine what they are looking for in new or improved software for their companies and repeats back to the development team in order to work together to create the most accurate and useful programs that clients need. Software consultants have excellent oral and written communication skills, are skilled in mathematics, and are very good problem solvers. They often possess bachelor or associate degrees in general studies or computer programming with another degree, bachelors or masters, in a related field.

Software training consultants may earn around $59,000 a year, based on education and experience levels.

Find Jobs That Hire Graduates With General Studies Degree Online

The above list is just some of the many jobs or careers you could pursue with your gs degree. If one of these sparked your interest and you would like to learn more or explore other options, definitely look around and search your options in your area or where you hope to work online on a reputable job site such as Monster or Indeed.

Companies that Hire People with A Degree In General Studies

People who have earned an associates degree or a bachelors degree in general studies have highly-valued skills that are particularly desirable by companies everywhere. General studies programs hone students’ writing skills in various categories, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and advanced computer skills so that they are best prepared to pursue further education or entry level positions in nearly any industry. Below is a list of places that have jobs for people with general studies degrees.

The Harbor Bank of Maryland – hires positions for receptionists, administrative assistants, bank tellers, etc.

Natural Resources Conservation Service – hires positions for program support assistants, interdisciplinary directors, etc.

Norton Healthcare – hires positions for schedulers, credentialed trainers, receptionists for various departments, environmental associates, etc.

The Shelter Group – hires positions for assistant project managers, assistant property managers, leasing consultants, resident services assistants, etc.

Blackeagle Energy Services – hires positions for assistant project managers, project managers, shipping and receiving coordinators, construction project managers, etc.

SUMMARY: What Is A General Studies Degree?

What Level of Education Do You Need For A General Studies Degree?

Associates in Arts or Bachelors in Arts

Can You Get An Online General Studies Degree?

Yes. You do not necessarily have to go to a physical location to earn this degree.

Careers and Jobs With A GS Degree:

The outlook for this job field is high due to the broad range of jobs associated with this major. Just to name a few of the top jobs with a general studies degree…

General Studies Degree Jobs Include:

  • software consultant
  • copywriter
  • assistant bank branch manager
  • administrative assistant
  • store manager
  • social worker
  • content writer
  • case manager
  • project coordinator

Salary With A General Studies Degree:


*Depending on experience, industry, location, the level of education, and other factors. You will likely receive more money with a bachelor’s degree than you would with an associates degree.

Is A General Studies Degree Right For You?

Once you earn your degree in general studies, you are prepared to take on nearly any entry level job in the job market with the skills that general studies degree programs help you build. This article is meant as merely a stepping stone in your search of schools with general studies degree programs and the jobs you can get with a general studies degree. Consult your high school guidance counselor today for further information.