What Can You Do With A Health Studies Degree?

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Health studies is an academic concentration that focuses on the promotion and education of community and public health. Enrolling in a health studies degree program is an excellent way to prepare for further education in public health or health science. This article can help you get started with your search for a higher education in health studies by providing you with a few schools that offer health studies degree programs and just a handful of career paths to choose from once you earn a degree in health studies.

Health Studies Degree Programs

From very early on in your academic career, you were introduced to wellness and healthy living habits and that education has continued to grow. If you’ve taken a particular liking to the content of these courses, you should consider earning a degree in health studies in order to help others understand the importance of living healthy lifestyles. Uncertain of how to prepare for a higher education in health studies? Consult your high school guidance counselor for advice and a list of courses that will give you a taste of a future in health studies.

The University of Alabama offers undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in General Health Studies. Students will gain the knowledge necessary for planning health promotion programs and educating individuals and groups on good health practices. After graduating from the General Health Studies degree program at the University of Alabama, students have the power to assess needs within communities in order to develop and health programs for those communities and other health departments. This degree program is ideal for students looking to expand their education later in graduate programs related to allied health, health education, or public health.

Located in Utica, New York, Utica College provides undergraduate students with the option of earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, a degree program that is designed to educate students in topics including but not limited to anatomy and anthropology. Mathematics, including statistics, is also an important part of the health studies curriculum. Students are able to get involved in community activities to help build their experience and education, as well; and the school also has excellent learning resources. The program boasts its usefulness in preparing students for graduate studies in subjects like occupational therapy and physical therapy.

The Elon Public Health Studies Program at Elon University helps students learn how to educate the public on disease prevention and control. The program is designed to stress the importance of good health locally, nationally, and across the globe so students are able to recognize the need for public health education at locations around the world. Students take courses in statistics, proper research methods, epidemiology, organic gardening, public administration, natural disasters, and more in order to best prepare them for educating the public or continuing their own education in allied health or other health-related subjects.

Careers in Health Studies and What Can I Do with a Health Studies Degree

Health studies degree programs cover a wide array of subjects, so the number of types of careers people with degrees in health studies may enter is seemingly endless. It is important, though, that you’re able to form your studies in a way to best mold to your specific career goal in order to help you become more qualified for your desired position. So what can I do with a health studies degree? Choosing a career that most interests you while you’re still enrolled in a health studies degree program is a particularly wise decision, and this section is meant to help you do just that.

Entry Level Careers in Health Studies

With a bachelors degree in health studies, you will most likely qualify for numerous entry level positions in the healthcare field. Just some examples of entry level positions for health studies majors are listed and described here.

Health Studies Jobs

Health Care Assistant

health care assistant

Health studies jobs include health care assistants who often help nurses perform basic care for patients within hospitals or other types of health clinics. They may care for patients by assisting in feeding, bathing, traveling between rooms, making beds, and more. Depending on the specific clinic they work at, health care assistants may also set up patients and equipment for therapy sessions and keep track of patient records. Possessing a bachelors degree in health studies or health science can be particularly helpful; and health care assistants are highly personable with excellent organizational and communication skills.

Health care assistants may earn over $23,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Clinical Support Worker

Clinical support workers spend their time assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, whether working with scientists or doctors. They perform basic responsibilities such as keeping lab equipment clean and ready for use at all times, recording and updating databases, and observing blood samples for any abnormalities. When working alongside doctors, they may also provide basic care to patients. This is a perfect entry level position or internship opportunity for students looking to earn degrees in public health or other relevant subjects. Clinical support workers pay close attention to detail and take orders and follow instructions in a timely manner. They are also organized and familiar with medical jargon.

Clinical support workers may earn around $27,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Community Health Worker

Community health workers educate communities and individuals on the importance of healthcare and where they can go to receive the proper health care they need. Community health workers may work for community organizations advocating for necessary health care that may be scarce within the community. Community health workers often possess bachelor degrees in health studies or related fields. They also have outstanding communication skills and are passionate about health rights for individuals and communities.

Community health workers may earn a salary of around $32,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Advanced Careers in Health Studies

After spending a few years in a field related to health studies or after earning a masters degree in a relevant subject, you may find that you qualify for one or more of the positions described below.

Health Promotion Specialist

A health promotion specialist doesn’t just work to educate the public on proper health practices; he or she aims to better the health of individuals and communities as a whole. A health promotion specialist also assists in developing health care policies. He or she has at least a bachelors degree in health studies, and many have master degrees in more specific health related subjects. Health promotion specialists also often possess background knowledge in business, and they are highly organized with a few years of experience in their field.

Health promotion specialists may earn over $52,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Health Service Manager

A health service manager may oversee one or more departments within the healthcare system to ensure everything runs smoothly on a daily basis. He or she may also serve as a liaison between the institution for which they work and volunteers or social service institutions. Health service managers often work in hospitals, community health clinics, or other healthcare facilities. They are often knowledgeable in finances and administration responsibilities and have a few years of experience within the healthcare industry as well as at least a bachelors degree in health studies. A masters degree in business administration or a health-related subject is also highly valuable to employers.

Health service managers may earn over $80,000 annually, based on education and experience levels.

Companies that Hire People with Health Studies Degrees

Many health clinics and community organizations around the world hire people with health studies degrees. Below is a list of just a few examples of places that hire people who graduate with degrees in health studies.

Plus One Health Management – locations across the US and Puerto Rico; hires positions for healthy living directors, exercise specialists, group fitness instructors, health specialists, health coaches, etc.

Alere – headquarters in Waltham, MA; hires positions for training outreach specialists, registered nurses, health promotion specialists, etc.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium – locations throughout AK; hires positions for community health promotion specialists, physician assistants, behavioral health counselors, mental health clinicians, etc.

If you are particularly compassionate and want to promote healthy living practices among individuals or within communities, then perhaps you should consider a career in the healthcare industry. A great way to prepare for a career in the health industry is to start out by earning a bachelors degree in health studies.

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