What Can You Do With A Social Science Degree?

jobs i can get with social science degree

If you’re interested in learning the science behind communication among human beings, then you should consider a career in social science. What can you do with a degree in social science? From counseling to architectural services, career possibilities are nearly endless. In this article, you will find out areas of social science, some higher education facilities that offer exceptional social science programs, and a handful of career paths to choose from once you earn a degree in social science.

Areas of Social Science

Social science is a very broad category that encompasses a wide variety of subjects that all relate to human interactions in some way. Different areas of study you can take in the field of social science can be found here. Please note, though, that the list below does not include all social sciences.



Cultural Studies




International Relations




How to Get a Social Science Degree

You should start looking at higher education facilities with highly-rated social science departments early in your senior year of high school, if possible. Always apply to at least three schools, and be sure to pay close attention to application deadlines. If you do not submit them online, make sure you send them out no later than a week before they are due. Below are three schools to help you along on your search for the school that’s right for you.

California State University, Chico, offers its students the chance to earn Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science and the option to continue their education to earn a masters degree in social science, as well. The social science program covers topics from international relations to political science to cultural studies so that students become well-rounded in the field and prepared for whatever career path they choose to pursue. Students are assigned major advisers to assist them mold themselves to fit their educational journey, as well.

On the other side of the United States, Florida State University’s College of Social Sciences and Public Policy encourages undergraduate students to earn their bachelor degrees in 10 different majors in everything from economics to political science, and graduate students can earn master degrees or doctoral degrees in many other areas such as public administration and demography. The college’s programs in gender studies, urban economics, political science, and more have been ranked among the top 10 programs in their class against other public schools in the U.S.

The social science department at Troy University in Troy, AL, offers a major in social science in which students can choose from a variety of concentrations including anthropology, geography, leadership, and others. Earning a bachelors degree at Troy University is unlike any other learning experience, with its emphasis on social science and diversity. The school’s College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest college within the university.

Careers in Social Science

Now you’re probably wondering, “What jobs can I get with a social science degree?” Once you earn your degree in social science, you will be prepared for a variety of career paths. Just a few of your options are briefly described below.

Entry Level Careers in Social Science

There are many career options you can choose from once you achieve a bachelors degree in social science.

Survey Researcher

Survey researchers typically have a bachelors degree in social science. They are responsible for creating and distributing surveys throughout specific areas in order to gather cultural and opinionated data for other, more advanced researchers. They possess high creativity levels and good oral and written communication skills.

Survey researchers can earn around $34,000 annually.

Environmental Protection Technician

In order to become an environmental protection technician, all you really need is an associates degree; but, of course, a bachelors degree in social science or environmental science wouldn’t hurt your chances of getting the job. Environmental protection technicians work in the field to perform tests to detect pollution and its causes and find ways to treat the areas and prevent further pollution to protect human health. They possess great analytical and problem solving skills as well as very good communication skills, as they usually report findings to an environmental scientist.

Environmental protection technicians can make around $39,000 annually.

Nuclear Technician

All that’s needed to become a nuclear technician is an associates degree in a form of social science, but a bachelors degree in social science is preferred. Nuclear technicians are responsible for assisting in the process of nuclear research and production. Their position is very important, because they are also responsible for monitoring how much radiation is used and released during testing and production. Nuclear technicians have excellent listening skills and quickly and efficiently carry out tasks that are assigned to them.

Nuclear technicians can earn over $60,000 a year, due to the importance of their job responsibilities.

Advanced Careers in Social Science

jobs available in social science

After gaining experience in an entry level position or earning your masters degree in a specific field of social science, you will qualify for many other job opportunities.


With a bachelors degree in social science and a masters degree in anthropology, you can become an anthropologist. Anthropologists arrange and execute research programs in order to study various cultures and their interactions with nature. They also analyze past and present cultures to reach observations and conclusions on specific human behaviors. Some work in colleges or museums, and others can perform fieldwork that takes them around the world for extended periods of time.

Anthropologists can earn around $55,000 annually.


Geographers typically have a bachelors degree in a related field within social science and a masters degree in geography. In order to teach at universities, however, a geographer must possess a doctoral degree. Geographers focus their studies on the inhabitants of the earth both animal and vegetation as well as their environments. They observe cultural and political differences and similarities among societies reasonably local and sometimes compare them to those around the world. Therefore, geographers need impeccable analysis skills as well as good communication skills.

Geographers are capable of earning over $70,000 annually.


With a bachelors degree in social science, it is possible to become a geoscientist. As geographers study cultural habits and demographics, geoscientists study the physical characteristics of the earth to gain knowledge of the past and consider potential growth opportunities for the future. Many companies require geoscientists be certified or licensed in addition to having a bachelors degree in social science. Geoscientists possess excellent analysis and observational skills and good communication skills.

Depending on their levels of education and experience, geologists can make over $85,000 annually.

Companies that Hire People with Social Science Degrees

Many places around the world have jobs available for people with degrees in social science, including governments around the world. Some companies that hire people with social science degrees are located in the list below.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) – established in 1970 with headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario; locations spread across the globe; research support company helping communities determine how to provide their inhabitants with healthier environments; hires for various positions in global health policy, non-communicable disease prevention, etc.

Natural Resource Group, LLC – headquarters in Houston, TX, locations throughout the U.S.; hires anthropologists, archaeologists, etc.

U.S. National Park Service – locations across the company; hires positions in archaeology, geology, ecology, landscape architecture, etc.

The New York Times – founded in 1851; daily newspaper providing local and global news, in print and online formats; hires positions for creative director, marketing manager, user researcher, etc.

The information provided on this page is meant merely as a stepping stone on the path to progress in your journey to discover what you want to do with the rest of your life, what career path you want to choose and how it will impact your life if you choose the road to a career in social science. When considering higher education facilities, apply to at least three so that you may weigh your options.

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