What Can You Do With A Business Degree?

Bachelors degree in business

Many options will become available to you once you get your business degree. Whether you’re aiming for just an associates degree, a bachelors degree, or a masters degree in the field of business, you will have plenty of career paths to choose from. Business is a rather broad field, so majoring strictly in business will put you in courses that cover a variety of business topics. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or to take over a company, furthering your education in the field of business is the right journey to take.

Types of Business Studies

There are many areas of business studies you will examine if your main focus is on getting a bachelors degree in business, mostly related to business administration. Just a few of them are listed here with a brief description of each area.

Business finance – the study of money management within a business, specifically how to maximize its business; also includes learning tactics to cut company losses

Business management – the study of business lingo, how to run and/or manage a business, acknowledge and understand business trends and events

Business marketing – the study of learning how to get a company involved in the market to improve its annual business rates, master the competition, and persuade people they need the goods or services offered by the company

International business – the study of basic business practices and ethics; also focuses on the economic aspects of business

Where to Get Your Business Degree

If you’re looking to explore the field of business to achieve a degree, you can find many schools across the world who offer and even specialize in business and its areas of study. You can start by earning either an associates degree or a bachelors degree. Although it takes an average of 4 years to complete rather than 2, employers tend to prefer candidates with bachelor degrees in business.

According to the Princeton Review’s Business School Rankings of 2014, the top business school with the the best campus environment is Columbia University. At Columbia, you can earn a doctoral degree in business as an undergraduate student. The university was founded in the year 1754, and it is currently the fifth oldest university in the United States. Columbia University does not, however, offer students the option of a bachelors degree or masters degree in any field of business. Therefore, this would be a university to consider after you earn your bachelors and/or masters degree in business or a related field.

The Simmons School of Management is at the top of Princeton Review’s list for business schools offering the best opportunities for women. Located in Boston, MA, the school offers an undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship and a Master of Science Degree in management. Simmons also offers a combined BA/MBA program to earn your bachelors and masters degrees without having to apply to two separate programs.

The university at the top of the list for best career prospects according to the Princeton Review is Stanford University. At this university located in Stanford, CA, you can get a bachelors degree, masters degree, and doctoral degree in a variety of business fields. This one stop shop…or school, so to speak…out in sunny California may not be the easiest school to get accepted to, but it’s certainly one of the highest rated business schools in the country.

Business Careers

Have you caught yourself wondering, “What things can I do once I earn my business degree?” While you’re studying for it, you should set aside some time to consider the career fields that will become available to you upon graduation. From entry level positions to high-paying gigs, your business degree is sure to open some exciting new doors for you.

Entry Level Business Careers

If you’re looking to earn no more than a bachelors degree, then the following jobs are just a few you can expect to excel in upon graduating with your degree. Of course, location and demand play a large role in determining the availability of these jobs, but it has been predicted that the world of business is only going to continue to expand over the next few years.

Entry Level Administrator

If a company takes you on as an entry level administrator, you can bet you’re going to gain work experience in the business administration basics. Most employers on the hunt for good candidates are in search of someone with at least a bachelors degree in business administration. This position requires a candidate with good communication skills, as the company will most likely be training you and you’ll need to demonstrate that you understand and ask questions if you don’t understand. Job responsibilities include but are not limited to planning, assisting in business development, and knowledge of office management.

The salary for an entry level administrator can be expected to be around $28,000 or more each year.

Customer Service Representative

If you have great communication skills and you are compassionate and understanding and enjoy finding solutions to problems, then perhaps you should use your business degree for a job as a customer service representative. In this position, you will address and attempt to solve issues customers complain about involving products or services rendered by a company. You will work with one or more sales associate to be sure that customers receive the satisfaction they deserve. Customer service representatives aim to please and see that everyone is happy at the end of the day. They are also responsible for recording information of customers’ accounts and put together reports demonstrating the levels of customer satisfaction within the company.

Customer service representatives can expect to make around $31,000 annually. Increased experience also leads to increase in earnings.

Sales Associate

Taking a job as a sales associate always has the potential to turn into something larger. This entry level position can be quite rewarding if provided by the right employer. Some companies look for sales associates with experience or knowledge in marketing, specifically companies who are also paying employees based on commisions. If you enjoy assisting people in finding the services or products they are looking for and you have a positive and friendly attitude, a position as a sales associate may be just what you’re looking for.

As a sales associate’s income is often based on commissions, their incomes can vary greatly. However, some companies are willing to start their experienced and/or knowledgeable sales associates off at $30,000 a year.

Big Business Degree Jobs

There are many opportunities for people with not just a bachelors degree in business but a masters and/or doctoral degree as well. These are just a few positions that provide higher pay to those people due to their extensive knowledge and drive for experience in the field.

Compliance Officer

A compliance officer usually works as a sort of security figure for business finances. These people are responsible for monitoring members of organizations, making sure that they are adhering to specified laws and regulations. Compliance officers can often be found at financial hot spots like Wall Street. They also make sure that all issues and complaints within a company are properly addressed and taken care of. For further job description, click here.

A compliance officer’s salary may be more or less than $60,000 based on experience.

Business Analyst

masters degree

Business analysts are responsible for finding ways to improve businesses. They focus on improving the competitive drive of a business to increase sales. They also research the workings and statistics of other businesses in order to compete against those offering the same goods or services. It is their responsibility to come up with ways to control the budget of a business and predict how the business will benefit from that budget. Most of the time, business analysts work in their offices; but it is not uncommon for them to travel out in the field once in a while to perform observations and attend business conferences for inspiration on new ideas to benefit companies they work for.

Business analysts are capable of making around $75,000 or more annually.

Business Operations Manager

If you’ve got what it takes to be a leader and you’re looking for some good money, consider a job as a business operations manager. With this career, you will be responsible for making sure that whatever projects are thrown to the operations department are completed in a timely fashion and to the highest quality. You would also be in charge of hiring employees and focusing on the negotiation of business contracts as well as addressing any budget issues the business may be facing and how to handle those particular issues. This is a very detail-oriented position and should not be taken lightly.

Talented and highly experienced business operations managers can make over $100,000 each year.

Companies that Hire People with Business Degrees

Below is a list of different companies that look for people with knowledge and/or experience in the business field. Please note that these are just a few of many companies who hire individuals with business degrees. Having a masters degree or doctoral degree will certainly help you excel at a faster rate, but it is not always necessary.

Republic Finance, LLC – founded in 1955, currently over 130 locations in the southeastern part of the United States; helps citizens get the financial support they need by offering affordable loans and other services

Securitas USA – located in Wilmington, DE; provides live security for businesses

Franklin Energy – began in 1994 in Port Washington, WI; helps provide and promote energy efficiency

DMC Atlanta – founded in 2003 and located in Atlanta, GA; provides promotional sales and marketing to big companies

Make your degree count. If you choose to major in business, you will not be disappointed. Always be sure to apply to multiple schools, and once you’ve graduated, make sure you also fill out many job applications. The more applications you fill out, the sooner you can get started making a difference in the business world.

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