What Sorts Of Jobs Can You Do With A Bachelors Degree?

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Earning a bachelors degree is becoming more and more common in today’s society, and for this reason more and more companies are setting the possession of at least a bachelors degree as a requirement. What you can do with a bachelors degree all depends on the subject you study while attending a trade school, college, or university. For a high school graduate wishing to pursue a bachelors degree, career options are seemingly endless. This article explores some of the more popular bachelor degrees available to undergraduate students around the world, as well as potential careers available within those fields.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology is a highly popular subject among undergraduate students. Universities around the world have excellent accredited programs for students to earn their undergraduate degrees in psychology in order to make a difference people’s lives on a daily basis.

What is Psychology?

People who study psychology examine the mind and its actions and reactions to specific situations in order to best understand human interactions. Psychology is a very broad subject with various branches in which students can specialize, including but not limited to behavioral psychology, forensic psychology, and educational psychology.

What can I Do with a Psychology Degree?

With a bachelors degree in psychology, you have many career options. Just a few types of careers you can aim to achieve with a bachelors degree in psychology are listed below.

Social worker
Substance abuse counselor
Career counselor
Psychiatric technician

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Jobs in criminal justice seem to be popping up everywhere. The need for people educated in the field of criminal justice is constantly increasing, along with crime rates around the world. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice can prepare you to enter the job market confidently with the intent of landing a valuable job in criminal justice.

What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice consists of three main branches: law enforcement, court systems, and corrections. Law enforcement includes police forces–people who enforce laws and regulations within towns, cities, and states–that help reduce and prevent future crime in society. The court systems branch is made up of those who contribute to the conviction of criminals. The corrections branch includes people who are in charge of overseeing that criminals fulfill their sentences and helping them get whatever treatments they may need.

What can I Do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

With a degree in criminal justice, you will be able to defend citizens of towns, cities, states, and even countries against criminals of all sorts, depending on your specialization. Some examples of career options for people with bachelor degrees in criminal justice are listed below.

Paralegal secretary
Private investigator
Jury consultant

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

The field of exercise science can be a very rewarding area of study. If you have a passion for nutrition and healthy living, then you should consider studying exercise science to get a job helping others living healthier lifestyles in order to increase their lifespans.

What is Exercise Science?

Exercise science, also sometimes referred to as kinesiology, examines the science behind human body movement. It involves the study and application of medical treatments for physical injuries, proper nutrition, and how the human body can physically suffer from psychological conditions.

What can I Do with an Exercise Science Degree?

With a bachelors degree in exercise science, many career options are available to you. Just some of those options are listed below.

Nutrition consultant
Health and fitness instructor
Cardiac technician
Physical rehabilitation assistant

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

With the government’s constant circulation of members, positions for people with political science degrees are often readily available. Politicians and political leaders need assistance with their daily activities, and these are perfect opportunities for people interested in pursuing higher positions in politics.

What is Political Science?

Political science is the study of impacts political systems have on people across the world. It focuses on topics like international relations, comparative politics, political ideology, and more, all studying the past, present, and potential future for foreign and domestic governments. Mastering history in high school will help you get a head start on an education in political science.

What can I Do with a Political Science Degree?

With a bachelors degree in political science, you can find many careers that may appeal to you. A few possible career options are briefly listed below.

Legislative aid
Political consultant
Legal assistant
Public administration assistant

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

careers with sociology bachelors degree
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Society is constantly changing, conforming to newer and easier ways of living. Those who study sociology seek the reasons why these changes occur and how they affect individuals and their communities.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of origins and developments of human behavior by looking at individuals, organizations, and communities. It focuses on stratification, mobility, secularization, and more. Social stratification is a type of social classification that applies to a broader scale, often by money or political status. Social mobility focuses on how individuals and/or groups can travel up or down the hierarchy by making changes in the ways they work and live. Secularization is the act of removing religion from a group of individuals, an organization, communities, or state and government systems.

What can I Do with a Sociology Degree?

A bachelors degree in sociology can open many doors for you. A few career options for people with sociology degrees are listed below.

Sales representative
Alumni associateCensus research assistant

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Studying communications is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the business world.

What is Communications?

Those who study communications often specialize in areas such as advertising, marketing, education, and finance. The study of communication focuses on ways in which individuals and companies can interact with one another peacefully for anything from entertainment to business purposes.

What can I Do with a Communications Degree?

With a bachelors degree in communications, you can find career opportunities around every corner. Companies are constantly on the hunt for people with excellent communication and organizational skills to help lead their businesses to success. Examples of some career options for people with communications degrees are listed below.

Event coordinator
Office manager
Advertising copywriter
Movie critic

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

Business management is necessary for the proper functioning of every business. If you don’t have a good business management team, then your business is less likely to succeed. If you are interested in starting your own business, specializing in business management may be a wise decision as well.

What is Business Management?

Business management is the study of how to run and operate a business. Such tasks include planning and organizing events, meetings, and techniques to boost productivity of a business.

What can I Do with a Business Management Degree?

With a bachelors degree in business management, you are sure to start an uphill climb to the top of the business ladder. A few different career options for people with bachelor degrees in business management are listed below.

Administrative services manager
Marketing manager
Property manager
Training manager

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The field of biology is constantly changing as researchers are always finding new species of animals, plants, and other living organisms. Therefore, the need for people with degrees in biology will most likely be rather consistent, as more and more new discoveries are being made which lead to more research opportunities for biologists to explore.

What is Biology?

Biology is the study of life cycles of living organisms. It can be broken down into subjects like molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy, and neurobiology among others. Each specialization within the field of biology focuses on how plants, animals, and humans all function as living beings. Every living being goes through multiple cycles, and biology explores the genetic makeup of organisms and the steps of their cycles.

What can I Do with a Biology Degree?

with biology bachelors degree
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With a bachelors degree in biology, you can find a job that will allow you to apply the skills you’ve learned to a specific industry in the workforce. Some examples of career options available to people with biology degrees are listed below.

Conservation scientist
Biological technician
Environmental planner
Plant breeding technician

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Like biology, the field of health science is growing with each passing discovery. If you are interested in providing people with specific medical care or you would like to join the excitement of making new discoveries to help improve the world of healthcare, then you should consider earning a bachelors degree in health science.

What is Health Science?

Health science is the study of ways to improve the healthcare industry and in turn finding new treatment methods and potential cures for illnesses and diseases. Areas of study within health science include but are not limited to nursing, radiology, urology, and recreational therapy. Healthcare is becoming an increasingly popular field, because as the population grows, so does the need for healthcare professionals.

What can I Do with a Health Science Degree?

With a bachelors degree in health science, you can certainly make a difference in multiple people’s lives every single day. A few career options for people with bachelor degrees in health science are listed here.

Radiology technician
Physician assistant
Medical records administrator
Athletic trainer

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

With more and more families falling apart and children being neglected or abused, the social work industry is constantly in need of new blood. If you are passionate about the well-being of adults, children, and families, consider researching how to get a degree in social work.

What is Social Work?

Social work is the study of how people can come together and form organizations with the main goal of benefiting the well-being of others within a community. It explores different ways in which people can help provide better living situations for individuals suffering from catastrophes or situations such as domestic violence.

What can I Do with a Social Work Degree?

With a bachelors degree in social work, you are capable of touching the lives of plenty of people within a community. It is one of the most personally rewarding industries in existence today. Just a few career options for people with social work degrees are listed below.

Substance abuse social worker
Group home assistant
Child welfare caseworker
Case manager

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The need for nurses will always be a concern in society; therefore, earning a bachelors degree in nursing is not an unwise decision. Those who study to earn a bachelors degree in nursing may often go on to pursue a higher medical degree, but pursuing a masters degree or doctoral degree is not always necessary to succeed in the healthcare industry.

What is Nursing?

Those who study to earn a bachelors degree in nursing often do so in order to expand their skills in helping to care for the sick or disabled individuals within a particular community. In order to become a nurse, you must be highly personable and dedicated to the health of others.

What can I Do with a Nursing Degree?

Nurses provide basic care to a wide variety of patients and can work in a variety of different environments, whether they are registered nurses or certified nurse assistants. They don’t just work in health clinics and hospitals. Just a few places at which people often find jobs as nurses are listed below.

Cruise ships
Retirement homes
Military bases

Bachelor of Science in Education

If you want to teach, then earning a Bachelor of Science in Education is the right path for you. To become a teacher of nearly any subject, you should possess at least a bachelors degree. Some school districts will allow you to teach after earning a teaching certificate once you have completed a specific degree program without choosing an education option.

What is Education?

The study of education is done by those who are interested in helping other people learn about a wide variety of subjects. Elementary school teachers educate students on the basic principles of mathematics, science, social studies, and language. High school teachers, on the other hand, typically educate students in one particular field of study (i.e., Spanish, biology, calculus). The number of specific areas of study within the topic of education is seemingly infinite.

What can I Do with an Education Degree?

What you can do with a degree in education varies depending on the specific subject in which you’re interested. People across the globe teach all sorts of subjects, from physics to biology to foreign languages to calculus. Below is a brief list of some occupations you may qualify for upon earning your bachelors degree in education.

Teacher assistant
Elementary school teacher
Middle school teacher
High school teacher

Bachelor Degrees with Highest Salary

How much you make each year often depends on your area of study. Some of the highest paying jobs come from associate degrees or bachelor degrees in the following areas:

Dental hygiene
Aerospace engineering
Petroleum engineering
Actuarial science

With a bachelors degree earned online or on campus, people can find jobs as anything from dental hygienists to accountants to vet technicians and more. Committing four years of your life to earn yourself a significantly better annual salary is one of the most beneficial decisions you may ever make. With so many bachelor degree options available to students all around the world, possibilities to change the world are endless. Check out degree programs for these subjects and more if you’re eager to start making a difference today.

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